Sculpting Our World

Sculptures have been around since the eighteenth century in the United States. They are mostly used as a type of expression that represents the culture they were made from. As an example, there are some sculptures that were in ancient ruins that show what life in the Greek civilizations was like. This helps us to understand the time period better and the growth and development of art.

portrait_sculpting_shot__by_crazyace7-d7en2r0Sculptures are different from most other types of art because they are designed to be three dimensional. They are able to be more realistic than most forms of art. There are a few different techniques that can be used in making sculptures. Some of the most used techniques are construction, casting, carving, and molding.

With modeling, you can add or subtract objects. This is very unlike the carving method. Casting is when you use a mold that was cast from an already existing object. This is used mostly when you want to duplicate another sculpture, perhaps through using a material that is lighter.

Modeling is still mostly the same today as it was years ago. The artists still use materials like wax, paper mache, and clay. Some use plastic now instead of ceramics, terra cotta, and clay. There are some more contemporary sculptors that are now using “junk” to create their sculptures. The younger crowd seems to enjoy these the most when they are in art galleries and museums. Some other sculptures are made from wood or metal. There are many tools that have been created over the years to help make the sculpting process easier.

Throughout the centuries, sculptures have played a big role in the arts. They help to show us aspects of different cultures throughout the ages and allow artists to create and use their imaginations to portray things both real and imagined. It is a fun type of art for people of all ages to explore and one that we should not take for granted.