Best European cities to visit for Art


Florence is the city of lily that gave birth to the Renaissance. For a long time Florence has captured the imagination of tourists who have come searching for rooms with a view and incredible Art. Piazza dell Signoria is always busy with tourists visiting as it’s the heart of the city and everybody loves to come here. It is also the home to the Uffizi, the world’s most amazing place of Renaissance Art.


Its university buildings surrounded by; tress and huge meadows, ancient streets, gardens and riverbanks, the city of Cambridge is situated in lovely England. On Christmas Eve there is a traditional festival where carols are broadcasted live by the amazing King’s College choir. Cambridge is not only a lively city but is still inspired by tradition, history and Art.


London is one of the most modern cities in the world with its interesting history and traditions. It has famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Not only has it got these but it also has the National Gallery and the Tate Modern where you can see the amazing Shakespeare drama. It is one of the world’s most amazing destinations to visit.


Salzburg is known to art lovers as the Golden City of High Baroque. It is known to music lovers as the birthplace of Mozart; one of the world’s most famous and amazing composers and to historians as the Florence of the German Rome.


Milan can be compared negatively to Rome and Florence, but Milan still has lots of culture and Art. It might be the world’s most incredible centres for fashion but it is also famous for The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci and the amazing opera house in La Scala along with the new Prada Foundation which is very impressive.


Paris is one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world. With its stunning views it is the home of the Eiffel Towel and the regal Jardin des tuileries with tiny cafes in every sidewalk. Whether you choose to explore the history, fashion or arty side of Paris, one thing is for certain you will not be disappointed!


Basel is situated in Switzerland between France and Germany and has over thirty museums. Here is the famous Kunst Museum, Art Basel in summer and Basel world in the spring with many more to visit on your trip to this beautiful city. Basel hosts the world’s most famous fairs for contemporary art and also watches along with the most famous carnival in Switzerland known as Fasnacht.