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Paint And Dirt On Your Carpets? How To Clean It Off!

Like a lot of artists, the studio and/or house can be a messy looking place from time to time, whenever we are in our creative flow, whether that be painting a picture, sculpting a ceramic ornament or cutting wood for the latest masterpiece. Floors can get dirty and stained and dirty with paint, glues and other bits of dirt.

Although this may sound contradictory, but having a clean working environment can give you the head space and clarity sometimes needed to proceed wonderful pieces of art. I’ve put together some pointers on keeping carpets clean, please feel free to read them below:

A guide to carpet cleaning

In addition to vacuuming, considering a professional clean of your carpets is a good idea, before they become too bad to do yourself! Steam cleaning them will remove any oily or sticky soil, which vacuuming just won’t remove. Steam cleaning will remove any embedded dirt, that may have been absorbed by your carpet over time.

These type of particles will build up on your carpet, causing a dulling effect on the color which eventually causes a wearing away of the carpet fiber. A high-pressure steaming job with a strong vacuum would restore the color vibrancy in your carpets while lifting away the embedded soil.

It’s all in the routine

Don’t wait for your carpets to get too dirty, take a proactive approach. If you clean your carpets and upholstery regularly, then you will avoid dirt building up before it gets too engrained. This will prolong the lifespan of your carpets, keeping them looking fresher, newer and cleaner for longer. Check out professional carpet cleaning in livermore

Hot water extraction method

  1. Applying a hot solution mixed with detergent
  2. then agitate the carpet fibers, before finally
  3. extracting the used solution and soil particles.

green paint on carpet

Leave it to the pros!

Yes, carpet cleaner machines are available on the rental market. However, these often lack power in both pumping the solution right into the carpet’s base and also being able to extract the end solution of dirt from the carpet. These machines also haven’t got a way to heat the cleaning solution.

If your carpet is too wet it may take up to two days for it to be fully dried out, so you may end up walking on your damp carpet, walking loose soil from your shoes into the carpet causing it to get dirty again very soon.

Whereas a professional carpet cleaning service will use the correct detergents to suit your style of carpet.

A note on fabric protectors

Fabric protector for your carpet and upholstery basically protects them against spots from forming or any potential staining of the fabric.

It will ensure:

  • Prevention of the soakage of liquids into your carpets or upholstery
  • Acts as a repellent towards particles of dead skin and oil from hair
  • Improves the cleanliness longevity of your carpet
  • Will reduce the amount of fabric cleaning you will need to do, and
  • there will be reduced wear n’ tear of your